You can reach us through e-mail at,  or follow our facebook page KDST.


Our officers are the core of our Krewe, but we have lots of contributors!! Our parties range from 30 to 200 people per game!!

Stephen R. Cannon aka doc: Founder, captain, chief chef and omnipotent purveyor of fun

Nicole Cannon "Nikki, NiNi, Poodunky George": Co-founder, Bar manager, aesthetics, art and media, princess of quite alot

Finn Rey Cannon:  " aroo, fensy" : Mascot, purveyor of grand snuglosity, sausage over population control

Thomas Cannon Jr., "TC": co-founder, chef, transportation and finance

Patricia Cannon, "miss Pat":  Co-founder, matriarch, snack table and decorations, beverages

Rickey Alleman "tricky ricky" : Chef, ambassador of cajun culture, gumbo maestro

Yoland Alleman "Yeaux": Rice dressing master, general party enthusiast

Ryan McGinnis: chef,BBQ guru, portolet abatement, whiskey population control

Crystal Mc Ginnis: "corn sickle" : Ginger ambassador, quality control, basic smart ass

Keith Walker: chef, security detail, jack links jerky mascot, moonshine magician

Christy Walker: keeper of the squatch, bama convert, princess of fun

Justin Leger: "Adam Ant": Bib meister, Labor coordinator, representative of general shortness

Eric Lambousy: "boosey, alec bald-won, ": bastion of baldness, labor, beer population abatement

Mysty Lambousy: bald abatement, sun shine and happiness

Zack Trohoske: "clint, zack": master of sarcasm, sports comontater, harasser of the hanagrif

Sarah Trohoske "Sarah": Zack de-escalation,  macaroni and macarena rocker

Mitchel semons: "mitch"  BBQ chef, security, beer population control

Miranda Semons: Mitch abatement, sunshine and smiles

Christina Triche: "Teeny": minister of spirit, magical child wrangler, worker ant

George Fine  "george", "horhe" : Minister of Hebrew  Cajun relations, financier and legal liasson

Mariah Fine "Mariah": Possessor of peppiness, George wrangler