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Damn Strong Tailgating Inc.

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Your party's all wrong, if it ain't Damn Strong.


About Us

We are a family and member operated tailgating club that operates out of the Hayfield lot off Gurrier Lane on LSU campus.  We are family and opposing team friendly.  We pride ourselves on our hospitable atmosphere.  We are known for the best site prepared meals on campus!  We are the pinnacle of LSU pride and tailgating.  If you want the best experience, at the best venue for sports in the nation, come to see us!  You'll be glad you came, and you will return!



Damn Strong One: custom painted and modified tailgate van featuring a 4k watt stereo system, support for up to 6 high definition tv screens, wi-fi, PA system, auto acquisition satellite system,  led lighting and under glow, disco light show and fog machine.

We provide a site cooked meal at each game, prepared by one of our tailgate chefs.

Past offerings have included: gumbo, crawfish ettouf'e,  alligator sauce piquant, and BBQ, among many others.

We also serve home made smoked sausage and boudin, and various other snack foods and desserts.

We provide: water, soda, beer and a fully stocked bar with premium liquor.

We provide chairs and covered shaded canopies,and fans or heaters as needed.



Aside from our bluetooth stereo, we also have karaoke capability,

corn hole, washers, flippy cup, and beer pong.


American Football Stadium


Game Day and Menu

We will be in Vegas for the big match up with the  USC Trojans!

more details to follow

For tailgate info click below and use the code: strong 







Year Established




Sarah, Zack, and Wyatt Trohoske

It started out as a friendly invite as we made our yearly exhibition into Baton Rouge to come and join the party. Now while  living in Baton Rouge, Damn Strong

means family.  Trips to away games, life events,and even some disasters, our group has stuck together.

Always welcoming to new visitors and friends, it's a premier, must see tailgate spot at LSU.  A night with Damn Strong is not just another night in the hayfield


ALex Macario, MD

"Thanks Doc for an amazing Cajun food experience with Damn Strong!

We Appreciate the hospitality! Traveling from California, it was our first SEC game, and we loved the tailgate, especially the people, the vibe, and of course your boudin and home made smoked sausage!!"

JDSJ8797 (2).JPG

Justin Stewart

"Where should I start? As a lifelong Bama fan I had always heard about the crazy atmosphere in Baton Rouge.  Several years later after marrying a girl from Louisiana and moving here, I was exposed to the Damn Strong lifestyle.  Let me say that without a doubt this is the best tailgating experience I've ever had, Tuscaloosa included!!  The family atmosphere and willingness to accept everyone both friend and foe is unique.  Even though I am still a die hard Bama fan, I am proud to call the Damn Strong Krewe great friends of mine!!"

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