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The super unknown

I find myself at the beginning of yet another football season, excited, possibly anxious about what's to come. I would hope to have the kind of excitement that precedes the possibility of a strong championship season, due to stalwart, proven returning starters, and proven leadership. Instead I have the excitement of the unknown. Huge turnover in both roster and staff. How will NIL hit us? Who is starting where? what is our true depth?

We, as a fan base, have more anxious uncertainty than a pinwheel in a hurricane.

Who do we trust? The reports from staff and coaching that this team is grossly under rated, and will perform above and beyond recommendations? Or media Gurus who site the chaos of turnover, and the uncertainty of unproven personal?

Time will truly tell the story. I have said for years that I learn more about the team in game one than in all of spring and fall practice, and then more still between game one and two.

Opening against Florida State will be a good Barometer of the season to come. I hoping beyond hope that I get to hear as little of that obnoxious tomahawk cheer as possible in New Orleans come September. Not just because I hate it above and beyond any outside of the SEC, (because I do") but because the FSU fans sitting quietly will be a clear indicator that we have beaten them into a silent stupor.

Here's to hope, pride and gumbo......geaux tigers

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